About The Key Play

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The Key Play is a free, independent and credentialed online publication that covers Virginia Tech athletics. It's also the internet community where Hokies hang out when they're not in Lane Stadium.

Thekeyplay.com was launched in March of 2010, and is now a property of Orange and Maroon Media, LLC. Orange and Maroon Media, LLC began conducting business in March 2013. The Key Play was issued press credentials by both Virginia Tech and the Atlantic Coast Conference to cover the 2014 football season. The website features insightful coverage from unique voices, film analysis, advanced statistical analysis, up-to-date news, humor and interviews with high school recruits and coaches. Its articles, sophisticated software platform, and an intelligent community of members and commenters are what sets Thekeyplay.com apart from the competition.

The Key Play publishes news and analysis daily. It also plays host to a forum and community of thousands of Hokies who post and vote on comments and topics.

The Key Play's articles and reporting has been recognized by ESPN, Sports Illustrated, The New York Times, USA Today, SB Nation and more.